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Welcome to Day 3 of IFIP SEC 2020 / WISE 13 / IFIP Summer School!

Welcome to the third and sadly the last day of the IFIP SEC 2020 Conference, collocated with WISE 13 and the IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management.

We hope you enjoyed the second day and are not too tired for the third (https://app.hopin.to/events/ifip-sec-2020-conference/).

The third day will also be filled with stimulating research results and interesting presentations. So check out the conference schedule to find the most interesting presentations for you. In the Reception area of the conference, there is also a calendar button on each session to add the most interesting sessions to your calendar!

Today’s highlights:

  • Yves Deswarte Best Student Paper Award
    • Lynn Futcher, Chair of the Best Student Paper Award Committee
  • Closing of the conference & “peculiar” paper awards
    • Tatjana Welzer, General Chair IFIP SEC 2020
  • IFIP SEC 2021
    • Audun Jøsang

Get involved and use the live chat! Use it to ask questions, say hi to fellow participants, and spread the good spirit.

During the breaks, feel free to use the Networking section to connect with other random participants in a one-on-one conversation. You can also talk to specific participants you want to get to know if you go under the Participants tab.

We hope you will have an interesting and engaging time at IFIP SEC 2020.