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Accepted Papers

1 Guillaume Dupont, Daniel Ricardo dos Santos, Elisa Costante, Jerry den Hartog and Sandro Etalle A Matter of Life and Death: Analyzing the Security of Healthcare
2 Wilfried Mayer, Georg Merzdovnik and Edgar Weippl Actively Probing Routes for Tor AS-level Adversaries with RIPE Atlas
3 Joakim Kävrestad and Marcus Nohlberg Assisting users to create stronger passwords using ContextBased MicroTraining
4 Weizheng Wang and Chunhua Su CCBRSN: A System with High Embedding Capacity for Covert Communication in Bitcoin
5 Johannes Feichtner and Stefan Gruber Code between the Lines: Semantic Analysis of Android Applications
6 Tanja Šarčević and Rudolf Mayer Correlations-Preserving Fingerprinting Technique for Categorical Data in Relational Databases
7 Kabul Kurniawan, Andreas Ekelhart, Fajar J. Ekaputra and Elmar Kiesling Cross-Platform File System Activity Monitoring and Forensics – A Semantic Approach
8 Yayuan Xiong, Fengyuan Xu, Sheng Zhong and Qun Li Escaping Backdoor Attack Detection of Deep Learning
9 Najmeh Mousavi Nejad, Pablo Jabat, Rostislav Nedelchev, Simon Scerri and Damien Graux Establishing a Strong Baseline for Privacy Policy Classification
10 Stephan Wiefling, Tanvi Patil, Markus Dürmuth and Luigi Lo Iacono Evaluation of Risk-based Re-Authentication Methods
11 Thomas Sattolo and Jason Jaskolka Evaluation of Statistical Tests for Detecting Storage-Based Covert Channels
12 Agnieszka Kitkowska, Yefim Shulman, Leonardo A. Martucci and Erik Wästlund Facilitating Privacy Attitudes & Behaviors with Affective Visual Design
13 Hyeonseong Jeon, Youngoh Bang and Simon Woo FDFtNet: Facing Off Fake Images using Fake DetectionFine-tuning Network
14 Md Morshedul Islam and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini Fuzzy Vault for Behavioral Authentication System
15 Muhammad Asim Mukhtar, Muhammad Khurram Bhatti and Guy Gogniat IE-Cache: Counteracting Eviction-Based Cache Side-Channel Attacks through Indirect Eviction
16 Gijs van Dam, Rabiah Abdul Kadir, Puteri N.E. Nohuddin and Halimah Badioze Zaman Improvements of the Balance Discovery Attack on Lightning Network Payment Channels
17 Hind Bangui, Mouzhi Ge and Barbora Buhnova Improving Big Data Clustering for Jamming Detection in Smart Mobility
18 Ruidong Han, Chao Yang, Jianfeng Ma, Siqi Ma, Yunbo Wang and Feng Li IMShell-Dec :Pay More Attention to External Links in PowerShell
19 Stefan Carl Peiser, Ludwig Friborg and Riccardo Scandariato JavaScript malware detection using locality sensitive hashing
20 Benjamin Semal, Konstantinos Markantonakis, Raja Naeem Akram and Jan Kalbantner Leaky Controller: Cross-VM Memory Controller Covert Channel on Multi-Core Systems
21 Ricardo Moura, Miguel Pardal and Miguel Correia MultiTLS: Secure communication channel with cipher suite diversity
22 Dusan Klinec and Vashek Matyas Privacy-friendly Monero transaction signing on a hardware wallet
23 Olha Drozd and Sabrina Kirrane Privacy CURE: Consent Comprehension Made Easy
24 Karel Hynek, Tomáš Beneš, Tomáš Čejka and Hana Kubátová Refined detection of SSH brute-force attackers using machine learning.
25 Michael Carr and Siamak Shahandashti Revisiting Security Vulnerabilities in Commercial Password Managers
26 Can Yang, Mengxia Luo, Jian Liu, Xiaorui Gong and Baoxu Liu RouAlign: Cross-Version Function Alignment and Routine Recovery with Graphlet Edge Embedding
27 Michael Eckel, Markus Springer, Andreas Fuchs and Jürgen Repp Secure Attestation of Virtualized Environments
28 Asya Mitseva, Marharyta Aleksandrova, Thomas Engel and Andriy Panchenko Security and Performance Implications of BGP Rerouting-resistant Guard Selection Algorithms for Tor
29 Steffen Haas, Robin Sommer and Mathias Fischer zeek-osquery: Host-Network Correlation for Advanced Monitoring and Intrusion Detection